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Zao: A Look Back at 2017

Last year, we celebrated a huge 2016 with excitement and anticipation for what the future would bring.

We’re happy and humbled to report that 2017 didn’t disappoint. We added a Project Manager to our team, we posted some rad content, worked on some incredible projects, and learned a lot along the way.

Here are the highlights of what went down in Zao’s 2017:

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Your Team Needs Optimists and Realists for Your Business to Thrive

One of the things we often hear about hiring is that people want a good fit for their “company culture.” If you have a group of high energy, endlessly optimistic go-getters, you might think that a no-nonsense realist will chill your vibe. If your small organization is filled with purely pragmatic, only-dealing-with-the-tangible types, you might balk when you consider how an idealist may approach problems. Hold up, though! Can these two types work together for the greater good?

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