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Having fun at Zao is one of our values. We’ve put limited animated flourishes throughout our site to communicate our love of levity. We also recognize that onscreen movement is not fun or possible for everyone. We've turned off all our animations for you per your browser's request to limit motion. That said, we don't want you to miss out on the party.

Here's a funny joke to enjoy!

Why don’t ants ever get sick?

Because they have little anty bodies.

Our Audience

Blogging is sort of amazing to me. Don’t get me wrong – I think I’m objectively terrible at it. But I still think it’s incredible that we can put words onto a screen, press Publish – and then BAM! It’s out there, for the world to see.

Never before in the history of the world have so many said so little with so many words. Alas.

As our team grows, so grows the content we produce. Because I value clarity above almost anything else; I’d like to clearly define who we consider our audience to be. I haven’t really seen too many company blogs do this – the more views, the better! I don’t care loads about how many pageviews we’re getting – I just want to be helping the right people. Without knowing who we’re writing to, we do ourselves a disservice, and we do you a disservice.  You might not find yourself counted among our audience! (that would make us sad, fwiw. do something to become our audience, because I really like you.)

Without further adieu, three segments of our audience that we’re always considering:


That is, our future selves. Often times, we write something that is important at a leadership or business development level, or perhaps something that is inherently technical and geeky. We may publish this specifically because we know, in six months or so, we’re going to be Googling for that again. We’ll be delighted to find that our past self answered our query! In helping ourselves, scratching our own itches – we can be sure that we’ll be helping someone else in the process.

But sometimes, we also write to our past selves. Because, unlike probably most of you (wink wink), we tend to learn some lessons the hard way. When that’s the case, we write posts to give our past selves the wisdom to bypass those hurdles, and we hope that we can maybe help someone else who hasn’t yet stumbled over them.

Our Potential Clients

We have loads of clients, past and prospective, who have commented on the content (albeit limited) on our blog. We attract clients that we love because they get to know us, what we value, how we work, our personalities; all from our blog! I’ve found few truer things than this: you will work with people you like. We are almost never the cheapest or the quickest option for our clients – but they keep working with us because they like working with us. And often times, they know they’ll like us before they ever meet us – because of the content we produce.

Our Friends™

Some people like to call them clients, competitors, other agencies, other businesses, leaders, entrepreneurs etc. We just call them friends. Anytime we think we have anything that might be remotely helpful to other businesses, other developers, other product producers, or our current clients – we’ll publish it. Even if that means that we lose our own competitive “edge”. Sometimes this looks like systems and processes. Sometimes it looks like code.  Maybe it’s a book recommendation or a conference suggestion.  Maybe it’s pitching one of our friend’s products or courses! Anytime we can shine a light on something we think is helpful, we’ll do it.

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