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Zao Grows: Lizz Ehrenpreis Joins Zao as Project Manager

Founder’s Note: Sometimes, you have a role and need to find a person to fill it. Other times, exceedingly rare times, you find a person and decide you need to make a role for them.

We’re so excited to welcome Lizz Ehrenpreis to Zao as our newest team member. Bringing Lizz into our Zao family is a great example of the latter scenario. After working with her on a contract basis for a few months, we knew she needed to be a more formal part of Team Zao. Her work for an array of incredible clients speaks for itself, not to mention her time at one of our favorite agencies, WDS.

She’ll be spending her time with us primarily as a content strategist and project manager, and we’re so lucky to have her. Welcome to Zao, Lizz!

Hi! I’m Lizz Ehrenpreis. If you’ve been paying attention to Zao, you’ve seen me around these parts, writin’ posts and whatnot. I’ve been a contract Content Manager for Zao since November, helping the Zao team level up their blogging and working behind the scenes on enhancing internal documents.

If you don’t know me from Zao, you may know me from my time as WebDevStudios’ Client Communications Specialist, or from working with a variety of small to mid-sized businesses, many of which are well-known in the WordPress sphere. When I’m not click-clacking away at my computer, you can find me chilling with my two goofy cats, sipping on a sparkling water while reading a book, or tromping around the West Coast like I own it.

Although I’ve already been working with the Zao team, I’ve officially started in a new capacity: I’m no longer just a content maven–now I’m a Project Manager! I’m excited to be moving into this new role and working more closely with the Zao team, who consistently produce incredible work, as well as integrate their company values into everything they do. Their generosity of spirit, kindness, transparency, and collective work ethic is unparalleled, and I’m all too jazzed to be joining the group in a more official capacity.

You’ll still be seeing many more posts from me, although the topic matter may become more diverse as time goes on as I’m about to dive into Louder Than Ten’s Project Management Apprenticeship and learn as I go with the Zao team.

If you want to find out more about me, you can check out my website, follow me on Twitter, or creep me on LinkedIn.

Also, it’s my personal duty to remind you to like Zao on Facebook.

That’s all, folks! See you around the Zao-o-whirl!

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